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Brookfield Properties is an owner, operator, and developer of properties, worth over $40B that define skylines around the world.

Radial developed this site with Union, who designed this site to be an interface for Brookfield's properties around the world, with an animated, interactive globe, and maps. 

Radial developed the custom site, with a CMS and a custom API that feeds the information, updated by Brookfield to an SVG animated globe that works on desktop and mobile devices. The globe navigation is synchronized with custom Mapbox maps, that present property details and links to detail pages. 

The site also features a custom search engine, HR application structure, and scrolling-effect driven slideshows.


Brookfield Properties


New York, NY


Custom API

All the information in the CMS flows through a custom API so that the globe and map pages can access data without refreshing the page, giving the user a more app-like experience.

D3.js + MapBox

The globe on the site is built with D3js a leading edge graphing and charts library. Made famous by it's use in the NY Times, the globe we have isn't an image of the world — it's a real map of the actual earth with GeoJSON code and SVG animations. This globe then transitions into custom MapBox maps.


Union Site Design, UX, & Content Creation

Custom Search Engine

The site also features a custom search engine, with suggested results that update automatically from the database.

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